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Equip Class 2021 SPRING Session

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Wednesday PM Bible Studies

Pastor Chuck Herring – How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life

Greg Frizzell - 6 Weeks

Room: Fellowship Hall - On-Campus and Online

You can become a powerful intercessor! Today there are rising signs that God is calling His people back to Himself through prayer and repentance. Yet, most of God’s children still feel intimidated about their prayer life. Indeed, many confess that prayer is the weakest area of their lives. God wants us to change that!

David Meany – Faith Builders

Room: 1281 - On-Campus and Online

Faith Builders will start a year-long survey of the minor prophets of the Old Testament, Hosea through Malachi. (12 books). The exegetical study will be in chronological order.

Chris Flood – The Book of Mark

Room: 1363 - On-Campus and Online

Mark’s gospel passionately records the life and teachings of Jesus.  Largely drawn from Peter’s experience with the Lord, Mark writes both to proclaim truth and to encourage a people suffering under Roman persecution.

Eric Maglisco – The Reason for God

Tim Keller

Room: 1278 - On-Campus and Online

How could a loving God send people to hell? Why does He allow suffering? Can one religion be “right” and the others “wrong”? Responding to the questions of open skeptics and ardent believers, Keller draws from literature, philosophy, reason, and real-life conversations to explain how faith in a Christian God is a soundly rational belief. Includes a 20-minute video with discussion guide.

Renee Columbus – Seeking Him

Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth

Room 1364 - On-Campus and Online

Revival isn’t just an emotional experience, it’s a complete transformation. It can happen in your heart, in your home, and in your world. Restore your first love; develop a heartfelt desire for God’s Word; resolve conflicts; repair relationships; remove bitterness, fear, and worry; refresh your spirit; and renew your mind. Reenergize your life! You can get back your passion and zeal for the Lord. Begin by Seeking Him!



Al Baker - No More Excuses

Tony Evans

Room: 2352 - On-Campus and Online

Sometimes circumstances in life make it difficult for men to be all God wants them to be. Tony Evans urges men to stop looking at their circumstances as excuses and instead to see them as challenges and opportunities for success.



Missy Byrd and Kristy Dunaway
Chronological Bible Study

Beginning in the Book of Genesis

Room: 2354 - On-Campus and Online

We will study the Old Testament in a way that helps us see that the Bible is a real story about a real God who interacts with real people. This study helps us make His story our own as we learn to believe God’s promises, act in faith, and share His story with others.


Thursday AM Bible Studies

Beth Cox & Peggy Turnipseed – Precept:
Praising God Through Prayer and Worship

The Psalms - Beginning March 25th

Online Only

Discover the Psalmists’ heartfelt expressions in prayer, in confession, in grief, and in praise of their love for and devotion to God. As you learn to apply the text, your personal prayer times will grow more profound and worship experiences more fulfilling.

Darlene Herring – Philippians

8 Weeks - Beginning March 25th

Room: 1278 - On Campus Only

Don’t you want to live your life worthy of the gospel of Christ no matter what circumstance you find yourself in? Is it possible to rejoice amid a trial? Can you truly be content in every situation? In this 8–week study, you will discover joy that cannot be taken away!