CFBC Women’s Ministry is here to lead women to genuine faith in Christ and obedience to His command to make His glory known among the nations beginning in our homes.


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Malachi - The Israelites were waiting for the Messiah to come—thousands of years of waiting. Does this sound familiar? Their hearts grew weary and complacent towards Him. But God rich in mercy and steadfast in love came after His people. Malachi will prepare your heart for personal revival.

Galatians - False apostles infiltrated the Galatian churches and perverted the purity of the gospel. The same problem is present today. Studying Galatians will help you know how to stand firm in your faith, guard against false teaching and live in the freedom of Christ.

Hosea - The Book of Hosea is beyond any love story you could ever imagine. God uses the marital life of Hosea and his wife Gomer as a rich metaphor of sin, judgment, and redeeming love. True love is unending and tolerates no rival. In this study, you will discover God’s unrelenting love for you which will change your life.

Phillipians - Don’t you want to live your life worthy of the gospel of Christ no matter what circumstance you find yourself in? Is it possible to rejoice amid a trial? Can you truly be content in every situation? In this 8–week study, you will discover joy that cannot be taken away!



CFBC Women’s Ministry welcomes women of all ages and stages of life.  For more information about how you can get involved, please contact Amy Dobson.

Amy DobsonAmy Dobson
Women's Ministry Director