Travis Laws

Travis Laws, Worship Pastor

Birthday:  March 27

Originally from:  I grew up in northern Iowa but spent most of my adult life in Grove City, OH (Columbus)

Education/Ministry background:  B.A. in Vocal Music Education from Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, Missouri •  Itinerate Music Minister for 10 years • Worship Pastor at Maranatha Fellowship, St. Albans, WV• Worship Pastor at Grove City Church of the Nazarene, Grove City, Ohio

I started working for CFBC: January 17, 2016

My family: My son, Trenton, was born in 1992 and he lives in Columbus Ohio with his wife Grace.  My daughter was born in 1994 and lives in Collierville with her husband, Frank Renner and my grandchildren Dalton and Bexley.

My role at CFBC:  I am happily the Worship Pastor here at CFBC.

Personal story: I grew up in northern Iowa to a family that was very involved in church ministry.  My parents were faithful attendees of the First Baptist Church of Algona.  I came from a musical family- my dad directed the choir and my mom played the organ.  We were there on Sunday mornings and evenings, as well as Wednesday nights for mid week service.  My mom directed Vacation Bible School and helped with the Christmas and Easter Programs.  As you can imagine, I had a thorough dose of Whirly Birds, Jet Cadets, and Sunday school on a weekly basis.  It was a natural part of my life and I took it in as easily as elementary school.

By the time I was eight, I started to understand that being a Christian required something apart from the “church life” we were living.  A personal confession of sin and acceptance of Jesus as God’s Son was the next step for me.  At that age I was not a bad child, however, I became very aware of my sin.  I started to feel conviction for how I treated my classmates and guilt for disobeying my parents.  I was sensitive to this conviction and knew what needed to be done.  I remember it as a logical choice, I had done things wrong and needed to confess and ask Christ to forgive me.  On a Sunday morning I walked down the center aisle, Pastor Stevens led me in the sinner’s prayer, and I became a Christian.

I do not remember the prayer or the emotion, yet I am confident that at that moment Jesus came into my life because of His promises. 

With each passing year from that moment I have seen and can see God’s hand working in my life.  Sharing Christ with my school friends, being baptized, God calling me to ministry, and committing to full-time service are all landmark moments in my faith walk.  By God’s grace I hope to have many more.

Favorite book of the Bible:  I like many…James is a favorite.  I love reading Psalms.  I am always inspired reading the book of Luke.

Most fulfilling part of my job:  I love leading choir rehearsals and I find great joy in leading services.  Working in a church like CFBC gives me great chances to meet and interact with people and I love it!

Places of service available in my ministry:  The music team is always looking for people who love the Lord and love to serve the church.  We welcome people every week at choir practice and with our band and orchestra.  

Spiritual gifts:  I think I have the gift of encouragement.  I also have a life of craftsmanship.  I trust I am getting better at each of these every year.

My hobbies:  I enjoy water sports and riding my motorcycle.  I also have fun with carpentry.

I hope heaven includes:  A list where I can sign up to lead everyone in worship of Jesus!!

The smartest thing I’ve ever done:  Following Jesus.  Notable mentions are auditioning for TRUTH, going back to college to finish my degree, never borrowing money for a car, paying off my credit card every month and moving to Collierville.

The best way to pray for me:  
Pray that I will stay strong and healthy.  Pray that my family will be protected and stay in the will of God.  Please pray that our ministry will be God-honoring and growing.