Special Needs


At CFBC, we want every individual to learn about God and grow in his or her relationship with Him, no matter what unique challenges they may face. We see every challenge as an opportunity to trust God and see Him do BIG things. That is why we have our Special Needs Ministry. The Special Needs Ministry at CFBC works with individuals from all ages and backgrounds.

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What to Expect


It is our hope and goal to be able to minister to every family that comes to CFBC, and for the experience to be great. We have a intake process that involves parents completing an Information Packet and our staff working to match each child with a buddy.


A Buddy is a leader whose one-on-one focus is on their child with special needs. Buddies are trained to work with the child and their specific needs. Depending on your child's age and needs, we have both an inclusion model and a sensory room option. We want each child to have a consistent buddy or pair of buddies where relationships are fostered, trust is gained, and love is nurtured.


Our goal in the Preschool Ministry each week is to engage all children in Bible stories, developmentally appropriate activities, and a music time. In each room, the Leaders have a specific schedule that allows free choice centers, story time and music. All children are encouraged to build community in the classroom. If at any time your child needs to take a walk or be removed from the class, their buddy will assist.

Each Preschool room has a connected bathroom attached. Changing tables are available where needed. Classroom leaders and buddies can change diapers as needed, but a parent's instructions and permission is required. At this time a snack is not provided.


During the Bible Fellowship hour, children meet in a large group setting for kick-off then they dismiss to their grade level classes for a Bible story that points back to the Gospel. They also participate in hands-on activities with their peers to dive deeper into the Bible story. We work specifically with our children with special needs to ensure that they get the most out of all the activities. Some students in our Children's program spend their Bible Fellowship time in the Sensory Room with a smaller group setting.


The students start Bible Fellowship time together for the Welcome and announcements. Following the Welcome, they break into small groups by grade level for Bible teaching.


Our adult Bible fellowship class meets together on Sunday mornings. They start with a time of socialization and prayer and then are led in a Bible Lesson by their teacher.


Wednesday night in the Children and Student area are filled with music, games and Bible teaching. Depending on the needs of your child, we are able to offer a buddy for their time in these settings. If this setting does not sound like it could work out for your child, please reach out and we will work to find the best environment for your child.


You can find out more about special events and other opportunities for our special needs families by contacting Whitney McGill, Special Needs Ministry Director. Just click on her name below to get more information.


If you have an individual that you would like to participate in the Special Needs Ministry or are interested in serving as a Special Needs Buddy, please contact Whitney.


  Whitney McGill
  Special Needs Ministry Director
  (901) 853-2668