Hold to the Habits

 Hold to the habits.

Incorporating the spiritual disciplines are foundational for building faith at home. 
  • FAMILY WORSHIP – Children 1st Grade through 5th Grade are invited each week to worship with their parents at church. This is a great opportunity for children to be immersed in worship, preaching, and responding to the Gospel. The church also provides Worship Workbooks for children to take notes and following along with the sermon. These can be picked up for free in the Bookstore. Family Worship is also an opportunity for parents to model for their children how to worship, take notes, focus on the Lord, and give their attention to others. 
  • PRAYER – One of the most loving habits you can create in your family is prayer. Great times throughout your day to incorporate praying with your kids/students includes: before making a big decision, while driving in the car, right before bed, or when going through a tough time.
  • BIBLE STUDY – Whether it is Chronological Bible Study, F260 Bible Reading Plan, Parenting with Scripture or other resources, we encourage parents to keep God’s Word a central theme in your home life.
  • HOME POINT & HOME FIELD – Come by these two resource centers in the main lobby for dozens of free resources about how to honor Christ through parenting, understanding your kids’ life stage, having meaningful discussions, leading your child to the Lord, navigating different seasons of life, and others.